Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sincere Apologies.. Part 1

I was very nervous peering out the car window, waiting, hoping, to finally see him again. My face was as blank and as expressionless as it could ever be. I’d spent the past 45 minutes sitting here impatiently, eager to once again see the love of my life – the only person to have ever dwelled in my heart.

Though some might consider me some-what of stalker, I pray you understand my position before judging me. After all, false accusations on my behalf are what had gotten me here in the first place.

Sure, I’m what you may consider a rich girl… But I am most definitely not happy. Money, as you must have all heard a million times before, could not buy you happiness. Feel sorry for me? I beg you not to…Not just yet at least. I know perfectly well that you haven’t a thing in the world to feel sorry for me about. Not now, not until you know my story. Pathetic? Perhaps I may seem to be at this point… Lifeless I am, and lifeless I’ll be, until my true love returns, safely, back to me.
Care to hear about my story? Well, I’m about to tell it anyways.
I got into my brother’s Porsche one morning (yes, I was underage and hadn’t owned a car yet) and I made my way to 3a9eer il tha7ya. Pfft, don’t judge me, you know you all go there at some point in life. I parked the car, as close as I could without actually having hit the sidewalk, and I waited impatiently (as I always do) for the man to come take my order.
Just as lowered the car’s window my phone rang.
“Wainich?” (My father) Uh-oh.“Kani”“Shinu Kani! Wainich!?”“Emm, Madrissaa!”“Il sayig iygool ma dawamtay”“La yuba, ri7t ma3a 3alia, ihi maratni”“Cham mara gayilich ma tirkibeen ma3a il nas!”“Inshala ma tin3ad”“Riday il bait yala, na6rich ana bakalmich ib mawthoo3.”“3al amrik”-Click-Awkward silence as the clerk from 3a9eer il tha7ya and I stared at each other.I put up the window, without a word, and put the car in R and drove backwards as fast as humanly possible.
Guess what happened next? I beseech you, please do guess!