Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sincere Apologies... Part 2

I stepped out of the vehicle. Slowly. Shocked. DAD IS GOING TO KILL ME. My brother! What’s my brother going to say?!
I didn’t even pay attention to what was happening around me, apparently people ran to us, and surrounded us! The car was totaled and the person I crashed into was STILL in their car. It was a black Cayenne im3atima totally. Around 5 minutes after the freak incident, the guy stepped out of his car. His nose was bleeding as he looked straight into my eyes. He was… the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. Not a word, nothing. Seemed as though there were tears in his eyes, and I could tell he was in great pain; not only did I create a HUGE dent in his car, but I also hurt the guy! How would I ever forgive myself?
We kept looking at each other, staring, if you will. His right eye twitched, painfully, but he never took his eyes off of me. Was that a smile curling the side of his lips? Is he serious!? Seriously? I didn’t smile back, for I was still in post-traumatic shock! People kept talking to me, asking me if I was alright I assume, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I was so drawn into this boy’s eyes that everything surrounding me was gibberish. He took a step towards me. I stood still, statue like. He took another step. I was frozen. He approached me, smiling. With a sudden swift movement he put out his hand, as if to shake mine, and I was in awe. What the hell is going on here!?
“M7amad” he said. His voice, it was deep. It gave me butterflies, those of which I had only had as a child. It was a deep voice, a comforting voice, and darn sexy. It crept through my spine, causing shivers. I wasn’t afraid, I just couldn’t be.
“Raghad” I responded with a hoarse and jittery voice. My hand made its way deep within his, and there was barely a shake. His hands grew tight around mine, as if never wanting to let go. God knows I never wanted to let go.
Time froze, and we found ourselves holding each other’s extended hands for longer than intended. I loosened my grip, and I could see a shy smile of embarrassment from his behalf.
“3asa ma ta3awartay?” I shook my head frantically. I wanted to hold his hand again! Aah!“Latkhafeen 3ala sayartich, ilta9lee7 3alay. Ana il ghal6an.”I shook my head again, I wanted to speak I just.. couldn’t! My vocal cords were all twisted up and I wanted to say I was sorry! I really did!“Hatha raqmi” he said as he extended his hand to grab a pen from a neighboring man. “Kalmeeni wana ayi akhith il sayara wawadeeha. Lat7ateen, 7a9al khair. Witha i7tijtay ayshay tara ana ta7at amrich, oo asif, adri ana il ghal6an. Ma kan qa9di a6la3lich chithi faj’a.”Not only was he super hot, but he was kind! And respectful! And generous!My phone rang. It was in the car. I knew I had to go and answer it, but... He was right there, standing before me! I couldn’t take him out of my sight! “Awa9lich baitkum?”YES YES YES YES! Everything inside of me said yes! But…
“La mashkoor” I trembeled.I walked away. I grabbed my phone, my bag, and left my brother’s car. I just walked away from it.“3alooy, ta3alay il’6a7ya al7een.”


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