Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sincere Apologies... Part 7

First of all, where do I begin.
I started my day like any other day. I woke up, ran water across my body as I shampood my hair. I brushed my teeth and hair. And then..
"Raghad 7abeebti.. Ta3alay bakalmich" Jassim said.
His voice was soft, and caring.
"Hala Jassim, 9aba7 il khair! Shimga3dik! Il sa3a 6:45!"
"7abeebti.. goleeli il 9ij.. wainha il sayara ya sha6ra?"
"Ilmafrooth to9al! Aw iw9alat! Aw.. Madri!"
"Shlon ma tadreen ya ba3ad 3umri intay.. Latchathbeen 3alay. 3alyo il nizra galatli. Bas tadreen.. Ana mo m3a9ib 3ala il 7adith. Wela inich saygat'ha wintay ma 3indich laisan. Ana za3lan laish inich ma gilteeli."
"Jassim.. Ana asfa. Bas tara wala kanat 9adma! Oo tifaja't! Oo Ma 3araft agool lik! Jassim.. You're my brother. A7ibik oo amout feek. Inta tiswa ildinya 3indi, bas ma kint qa9da. Ana asfa."
I started to cry. I thought he'd be furious at me, but instead he came over, hugged me, kissed my forehead, and told me to get ready for school.
I hadn't slept much that night..
3alia was a bitch!

*Tarak inta ilwa7eed ili begaali.. Oo hami oo laitini hamik* -My cell was ringing.
M7amad calling...
"Aloo? M7amad?"
"Hala Raghad shlonich."
"Ebkhair allah iysalmik. Inta shakhbarik?"
"Il7imdila ibkhair damich ibkhair. Momkin so'al?"
"Dam fa'6lich.. Raghad.. 9ij il kalam ili 3alia galatli wila la2?"
...Here we go again.
"M7amad ana gilt lik.. Ana bas in3ijabt feek. '3aira killlllla mo 9ij!"
"9adagtich khala9.. Lat7ateen"
"Momkin ana as'al so'al?"
"M7amad, shimga3dik?" I teased.
"Waray dawam.. Jam3a. We3. Haha"
The most perfect laugh I'd ever heard.
"Allah iywafgik! Inta ib ay jam3a tadris?"
"GUST, bas chini ba7awil bara likwait. Ma yindara.. 7a'6ritich ib ay jam3a ya 7ilwa? Haha"
"Ana senior, 6al 3umrik. Bas inshallah GUST ilsina il yaya!"
"Haaa? Wala 9ij? Khala9 3ayal banthibir ib GUST, ishrayich? Hahaha!!"
He was laughing. He was merry. He was happy! And, so was I! An actual conversation between the two of us! Ahhh!!!!
"Hatha shay iyraji3lik, bas atmana itsafir ya3ni atmana" I said sarcastically.
"Affa! Laish!?"
"Ati'3ashmar ma3ak. Hehe.."
There was an awkward silence for 5-10 seconds. We all go through these awkward silences at some point.
"Yala Raghad! Madrissa!! Hahahahahahahaha" He teased.
"Adri adri. Mashkoor 3al reminder, 3ala fikra."
"Affa 3alaich, yala akhaleech al7een. Have fun at school. Oo ma awa9eech! Shi6ana Shi6ana Shi6ana! La la 9eeray sha6oora 3alashan itikharijain. Ma buga shay, kilaha shahar oo itkhal9een." He sounded like Jassim right then. I love him!
"Yeah.. Aha.. You have fun too. And pay attention to your professors. Oo Allah ma3ak!"
"Hahaha, inshallah, latwa9een 7aree9. Yala, ma3a ilsalama."

Was this.. the start of our NEW Raghad/M7amad relationship? I sure as hell hope so!
I went to school. I sat silently in the back row of the class.
Teacher: "Raghad..."
This was supposed to be attendance time. I was just too drowned in my sketches of M7amad to notice. And so,
Teacher: "Raghad, are you absent?"
Teacher: "Raghad, I can see you at the back row! Wake up!"
I heard steps down the narrow hall that was engulfed by desks and chairs.
Teacher (Into my ear): "RAGHAD!"
Me: "WHAT!"
Teacher: "Pardon me? Are you present?"
Me: "Yes Ma'am"
Teacher: "Very well then. I hope you pay more attention next time." She walked away. Muttering.

In my notebook. I had written this:

Mrs. M7amad. -I didn't know what his last name was!-
And so... The love story begins?


  1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it begins ;**

    I think he likes her, ana agoul he stays in GUST and you go there and spend every minute together ;p

    I reaaally hate the friend, o the brother mashalah 3laih amazing ;**

  2. waaayyyy katkoot Mohammadoo - i love morning guys. lakin i also love guys with morning voice. does he have a morning voice??

  3. Haha definitley ;p
    Rhaspy, hoarse, and deep. <3

  4. akeeeeeeeeeed bdayat love story :p

  5. 7aaaddaaa its bedayat a love story;p

    awal shay i hate the friend but love the brother! he's so sweet kind and caring!

    loved the post, keep up the great work;)btw, i love ur way of writting!

  6. I just read ur story, its amazing! The best days lamen itbougeen il sayara, but for me it wasnt fun cuz i had my own car gabil la a9eer 18;( I'm loving jassim ur brother;$ ya7lailah:* and m7amad, no comment:* 3alia? U55 mal s6ar!!

    Waiting for the next update:*

  7. amazing story !
    and 3alya SCREW her :)
    yalla can't wait