Monday, March 9, 2009

Sincere Apologies... Part 5

"Dude! Wainich?" 3alia proclaimed.
"Err.. umm.. bil bait? Wain bakoon ya3ni, tista3bi6ain 9a7? Giltlich Jassim raad min il sifar ilyoum! Tara..." She cut me off.
"Ma gilt lich 3a6eeni qi9at 7ayatich! Ana bas sa'altich wainich! God effing dammmmnit!" 3alia shouted.

"3aliaa... fee shay tabeen itgooleena? Tara lazim arkab ilsayara.."
"Ee Raghad! 9iij... shift sayarta!!!!!!!!" She said anxiously.
"Chathaba! Wain! Shdarach ina sayarta!!"
"Mad3ooma min il janb, 9a7? Oo M'3ayima, totally."
"Eee!!!!" -GASP- It was his car! Love!
"Ee, ana bil 9al7iya al7een. Sayarta ihni! Ta3alay!"
"Inzain wi9feeli shakla! Itha shifta agool lich!"
Hmm.. Telling 3alia about M7amad, and what he looked like.. Good idea?
3alia's prettier than I am, she's taller and has curves in all the right places. Her hair, long and black, was the thing that all her ex's loved. Her lips were full, fuller than mine. Her eyes, 2 large almonds were dark, and mysterious, and she always complimented them with the perfect amout of makeup. On the other hand, there was me..

I'm your typical girl next door type of girl. If you look at me once, you won't want to look at me again. My body was petite. I had mid-length/short hair. My eyes were small, but full of expression, all the time. If I could compare myself to one celebrity... it would be... Mila Kunis. NOT.

"3alia... Nisait shakla."
"SHINO!? Bismillah Tawich shayfita ilyoum il 9ub7!"
"Adri 3alooy, bas shasawi! Wala nisait!"
"Inzain inzain, ana ban6ir ashoof mino yidkhal il sayara."
"3ala ra7tich....."
I didn't want her to do that. I didn't want her to see him. But, most importantly, I didn't want him to see her. Yes, I was being selfish. It was a crush, but who knows, with the proper amount of energy, I could have him. For my own. All for me.

I closed the phone.
I got into the car.
Reem sat next to me. Eww.

"Raghad. Raghad. Raghad. Raghad."
"Shtabeeeeeen!!" I shout/whispered. Afterall, we were in the car with father dearest.
"Sar7ana ib shino? Solfay ma3ay. Khala9 il sha7an mal il ipod, malait. Solfay."
"Mali khelgich."
"Intay min mita lich khilgy. Iff."
"3aib itgooleen iff, 3ala fikra."
All I got from her was the most annoying/sarcastic smile, and I completely ignored it, entirely.

We got to the final destination, finally, and all stepped out of the car and made our way to dine. At the table, no one spoke. I saw Jassim take out his phone, and then speak to Joseph. The expression on his face melted, and I though 'Oh God, I'm going to die today'. He then looked at me, and then at father. BUT, then he looked at Reem, which puzzled me.
"Yuba, ilsayara imwadeenha service, mumkin akhith sayartik bachir?"
"Ee yuba, ikhith'ha."
Pshew! I wiped the tiny droplets of sweat that had overtaken my forehead, and continued to eat. I should recieve a medal for world's greatest lie! And Joseph is now my best friend. (Yes, Joseph, the driver).

We all drove back home, no one said a word, because we were all full. Actually, not full, but stuffed right out of our minds! We ate so much, it's a miracle we fit through the door! Haha.

I ran to my room just as we entered the house, and made my way to the bathroom. I took out all the makeup I had on, and changed into my pyjamas. I went into the bed, and covered myself with the soft cotton bedsheets, and just as I did so, my phone rang.

I was silent. It was M7amad. Aaaah.
"Raghad, yatni wa7da isimha 3alia tawha, itgool intay gilteelha shay? Lazim akalmich ib mawthoo3..."


  1. ishtaby hathy 3alyo...shako itrou7 tisti7y

  2. ma a9adig! la2.. umbaih fashla!

  3. ambaay 3aliya mu 9ij!!? shes joking right? bada3aaat!
    nxt pls i really wanna knw what happens with raghad and m7ammad! thanks hun;)

  4. 7asait ineh 3alya bit7awil tit7arash feeh - bitch

  5. what the hell is her problem..jealousy much? abd a9adig ina galat 7g m7amad 3n raghad bs I know us girls how we get about a man...especially a hot one ;**

    cant wait for mooore ;**

  6. no waaaaay
    ok maybe she thought that she wanted to make the first move for her friend but she shouldn't have!