Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sincere Apologies... Part 9

Everyday, for the past 3 weeks, M7amad has been calling me. Sometimes, more than often, he'd just call to 'check and see how I was doing'. Everyday, things got better between us, and so, I decided that today I was going to tell him how I truly felt about him...


Should I really do that? I mean, won't it be too soon? Jeez, I've only known the guy for a month! No WAY is he going to believe that I'm in love with him!
But, I mean, it would be wrong to supress all these feelings inside of me. And, so, I decided to 'meet up with him' for the first time. I wanted to tell him, face-to-face, how I feel about him.
Unfortunately, I'm not one to take rejection well, but what the hell, we'll see how it goes.

I took out my phone from my purse, which was placed in perfect symmetry on the chair, and started dialling his number.
For the first time ever, it was me who was calling him.

The phone rang and rang and rang, but it did NOT sound like he was in Kuwait. You know, the different ring of a different country? And, just as I was about to end the call, he picked up.
"..Raghad?" He sounded asleep. Oh God, was this a bad time?
"M7amad.. nayim?" I tried keeping my voice as low as possible, I didn't want to wake him up.
"La la... ga3id" His voice was trembling.
"...Are you alright? Oo Wainik?!"
"Raghad... akalmich ba3dain?"
"Ikhith ra7tik.. Kalimni mita ma fi'6ait. Bye"

It was 10:30 AM, on a Friday morning. He was NOT in Kuwait, I could tell you that much. 7ayati, he sounded very tired! Exhausted even.

Around 45 minutes later, he called me.

"Aloo" I said... Waiting for him to explain what was going on.
"Hala ubooy intay. Shlonich?"
"M7amad, wainik?"
"Ana? Mawjood..."
"La qa9di, inta imsafir..."
"Ee wallah 9ar li taqreeban isboo3 imsafir, bas sim3eeni gabil la itgooleen ayshay. Ana imsafir ma3a ahali. I7na imsafreen 3ilaj moo fis7a, oo ma ba'3ait agool lich, ma abeech itsheeleen ham."
"3ilaj? Wain?! Oo M7amad yalaitik giltli! 3alashan a3arif bas!" I felt the tears accumulating in my eyes. He started keeping secrets from me already!? Isn't that what marriage was for!?

"Raghad, 7abeebti, ana lazim aroo7 al7een. Akalmich ilaila."
FIRST OF ALL, he called me 7abeebti. I felt, like, I was going to pass out.
It sounded like he was in a hospital.
"Call me. Tonight"
That was the best I could come up with!!!

What in heaven's name was going on! I've never been so confused in my life. And, I'm sure you all feel the same way! I mean, if /I/ don't understand what's happening, how could /you/ ?!

Don't fret. All is to be explained, later that night, when he finally called me.

*Taraaaaak int il wa7eed.....* You get the point, my phone was ringing.

"Allooooo! M7amad talk to me! Tara you're confusing me! What's going on?!"
"Raghad, ana yay 3ilaj ma3a ahali."
"Mino ili ga3d yit3alaj!? Explain! And, is it serious?!"
"Ee walla, it's serious. And, it's me."
"It's you what?!" -I refused to believe it was HE who was sick.
"Sim3eeni.. khal akamil. A few weeks back I ran blood tests, 7ilo? I got a call a few days later, telling me ina feeni a disease called Multiple sclerosis, also known as M.S. it3arfeena?"
"Shfeech sikatay? Hahaha ana ma feeni ila il 3afia! Ana yay ihni 3alashan inti2akad bas! Lail7een mo akeed! Hahahah."
It wasn't the time to laugh. But, he kept laughing. I admired his courage. And, I loved his laugh.
"Raghad! Cheer up ya 7ilwa, barid likwait ba3ad 3 days, Inshallah, as soon as they rule out M.S! Hahaha, Ma feeeeeeeniiii illlaaaaa il 3afiaaa ya bint il naaaas!"
"A7ibiich.." Then he started kissing the air hysterically. I could hear smooching sounds. Lol.
"Haha, M7amad lat'6a7ikni! This is serious! And, where in heaven's name are you!"
"Imbala, ba'6a7kich, this IS funny! Hahaha ana ib Almania 7ayati"
7ayati! He called me 7ayati. This was the best/worst day of our relationship.
"Ana a7ibik akthar." THERE, I said it.
"Ya ba3adhum intay. 6alabtich?!"
"Ma yamir 3alaich 3ado, momkin mat7ateen? Ya3ni, momkin momkin? Tara ma feeni shay. Innocent until proven guilty! Hahaha"
Lol! How could I NOT love this guy.

Once the call had ended, I took out my laptop, and I started looking up Multiple sclerosis.

Ya rabi it7afthah.


  1. how could she not love him? i agree walah he's so amazingly funny!!

    and he's cuuuute really really a7is he's so cute and the way he talks is just so adorable.

    Thank you so much for posting babe;* i love your story:*

  2. I think I love him ;p

    I hope he isnt sick ;(

    He is the cutest thing ever, next pleeeease ;**
    (adree 7anana bs walla I LOVE your story)

  3. I'm so in love with him;p hes great eyaaniin so sweet, caring and funny!

    I hope hes okay ow he comes bak to her!

    I just love him!!

    pls do continue im in love with your story;**

  4. Inshallah! I'll be posting by tonight.
    And to everyone, thank you! ;*

  5. omg m.s..!! does he have it?!
    is this a true story?

  6. True story, M7amad does exist.
    The story line is a bit off, but the characters, real.
    And, /I/ am Raghad. A few alterations though.

    In love with it ;*
    heheh he's So funny ..
    Keep going girl ;*

  8. when's the next post? (A) half a month passed by, i'm checking daily :)

  9. Internet is not working at home for the time being. As soon as it's fixed I'll be sure to post ;*

  10. OMG i looove ur story elyoum bedait agraha ow its freakin awsome !!!
    7adha 3jeeba gareeit all ur post eb 1 hour !:P
    ow im in love with them, keep it up ;*
    oooooh and plz post soon !
    P.S i think im in love with m7ammada ;* and u :*

  11. babe is everything okay its been over a month and I just wanted to check up on you ;**

  12. helllooooo ???
    nisaaaiteena ?
    did u forget the people from the blonation !
    waw that sounded LAME :p
    anyhooo plz plz plzzzz possst :(

  13. halla 7abeebty
    y did u stop ur story ??
    dnt u feel like continuing it ??
    inshalla ur ok ;)

  14. ya7laileh :( he's so sweet inshallah mafeh shay..

  15. inzaain watt happened nxt please tell me :(