Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sincere Apologies... Part 8

*Tarak int il wa7eed ili begali.. Oo Hami oo laitini hamik* -My phone was ringing.

M7amad Calling!!

"M7amad!" I sounded all excited and squeeky-voiced, unfortunately.
"Haha Hala bil 7ilween ili labseen uniform ta7ta a7mar oo raf3een sha3ar'hum ib qalam! Ib thimitich, shimwadeech il baqala?" He teased.
OMG. He was describing me..!
"La7tha! Shdarak ana labsa a7mar ta7at my uniform??"
"Ishrayich tiltaftain ya3ni? Hahaha."
I froze, speechless and breathless. Was he seriously standing behind me?! I turned around; a quick swift motion that made the pencil in my hair fall out.
"Ma ashoofik! Wainik?"
"Hahahahahahahaha ma a9adig. Wala oo 9adagtay ini warach?"
"Maytha7ek! Haha, 9ij shdarak 3ayal?"
"Haha, a6africh ya bint il nas wagif warach ana."
"Ee 9a7. 6aya7t ilqalam min sha3ri, istanast?"
"Wala waraach! Iltaftay!"
I felt a pat on my shoulder. I froze, again.
"Shrayich bil surprise? Hahahaha"
"Ee wala it9adgeen?.. 3ad iygooloon mazyoon hal walad yakhi widi ashoofa 3ala youm..Hahaha"
"W..wh...what are you doing here?"
"Galabna English al7een? Hahaha.. I, my fair lady, am here to pick up my baby brother."
"La 9ij wala, la7igni? Duuude, are you stalking me?" I teased. I just had to, it was too tempting not to!
"Wala shfeech mo im9adgatni! Ay stalker Allah iykhaleech.. I'd make a terrible stalker. Al7igich digeega wa'6ay3ich ib thanya! Hahaha. Shakhbarich?"
"Il7imdila! 3ash min shafik. Oo hal mara bidoon ildam. Ana asfa tara. Wala ma kint qa9da."
"Ya bint il nas adri moo qa9da. Khala9 insay. Ma 9ar shay. Haha."
He was always laughing. He was always smiling. The whole time he stood there I wanted to.. just.. TOUCH him. I felt my hand rising, but I made my other hand hold it in.
A small kid, around the age of 7 or 8 ran by.

"3baid! Ta3al ta3al ta3al. Yala ilbait yala yala" As he carried this child and swung him over his shoulder. The child, as good looking as his older brother, was also smiling and laughing.
I admired this connection between the brothers. I just wish I had that connection with Reemo.

My mother had always told me that the only people to trust, and I mean really really trust are your family members. Because, they won't ever want to diminish your reputation. Nor would they want anything but your well-being. Afterall, ruining a sibling's reputation was as bad as ruining your own. People would just think: Oh, so she's talking about her sister; she's just as bad for doing so.

I envied that little boy. M7amad carried him. He hugged him and kissed him. For heaven's sake he TICKLED him! I wanted that. I wanted M7amad, and I still do.

I just stood there as I saw M7amad put his little brother in the car, and then he approached me again.

"Ana.. Lazim asta'thinich. 3baid... Lazim.. Awadeeh il bait." He stuttered as he said this. I could see that his eyes were sinking deep into my own.
"Ithnik ma3ak, 3azeez oo '3ali."
"Na3am?" I said shyly.
"Akalmich awal ma arja3 il bait...?"
"Na6ritik" I said with a half smile of shyness.
"Allah iy7af'6ich. Ma3a ilsalama."
"Allah ma3ak"

As soon as I got home, I couldn't eat. Heck, I couldn't even think of food! I ran up to my room, jumped into bed, and started to giggle. It was as though I was a toddler that had just been given a toy. [I know, this might sound immature, but it's the truth, and that's all that matters, right?]

*Tarak int il wa7eed ili begali.. Oo Hami oo laitini hamik* Phone call!
I jumped to grab the phone! And out of excitement, I suppose I didn't even notice who the caller was!

"Aloo!" I said, enthusiastically.
"7aqeera. Ya bint il.." 3alia was talking!
I closed the phone before she was finished! I wanted nothing to do with her. I'd given up on her, just like M7amad asked me to. And, I'm a good girl, just like M7amad said I was! I wasn't going to let him down... Not this time.

*Tarak int il wa7eed ili begali.. Oo Hami oo laitini hamik* Phone...
I made sure to check who was calling before I answered.

"Aloo.." I said, blankly.
"Hala.." I could feel a laugh coming on.
... I said nothing...
"Raghad, feech shay?"
"La salamtik"
"Ma feeni shay M7amad" - I just had to say nothing, so he doesn't think I'm easy, and that I'd spill out my guts out to him. I'm a girl, it's just how we think.
"..3alashani goleeli? Itha li 3indich shan... Ana sawait shay?"
"La M7amad! Ma7shoom! It's just... 3alia."
"Shtabi hathi.. ishsawat hal mara?"
"Well, ana gilt 7ag ukhooha 3an kil suwalif'ha.. Oo 7adha im3a9ba 3alay.. She keeps calling me. I'm honestly, afraid.."
"Afraid? Min shino? Min hal nizra hathi? Ma 3alaich minha! Ishbitsawi ya3ni? Damich mo imsawya shay '3ala6 latkhafeen. Oo ba3dain.. Zain itsaween feeha! Tistahil! Gayilich ma waraha ila il mashakil. Wili iy3afeech.. La itmasheen hal ashkal."
"Inshallah. A9lan min youm ma giltli Oo ana ma akalimha..."
"3afia 3al sha6ra."
I smiled. We were having our first 'problematic conversation' ! And, I felt like I could trust him.. With everything.

But, my slate, by far, is clean. As clean as it'll ever be. I'm a good girl, I really am.. On occassion I'd rebel against my father by disobeying him.. But I'm not to blame, am I?

"...Hala M7amad"
"Widi agolich shay..."
Oh my God. Was he going to say he loved me? Please say it! Please! -I was silent-
"Tifa'6al M7amad"
"Bas bagool lich.. ini.. arta7lich."

Arta7lich? That's the best he could do? But ah well, it was something! And, I should be flattered!

He continued...
"Mani gayilich ini a7ibich.. Li'ani a7tirmich. Oo ba3dain in gilt a7ibich akoon chathab il9ara7a.. Li'ana magdar a7ibich oo ana lail7een ma a3arfich 3adil... Oo...." I cut him off right there.
"M7amad.. Latkamil. Bil3ax.. Ana mani 6alba minik kilmat a7ibich. A9lan law inik gayilha.. Chan 6i7t min 3aini.. Oo al7een, ana arta7lik oo a7tirmik akthar."

Fuck. Who was I kidding? I needed to hear him say he loved me! But.. But.. I just didn't want to rush things. The way things were going was more than perfect.

"9ij inich bint nas.. Mashallah 3alaich. Oo ba3dain.. Widi agool shay thani.."
"Shaklich wayid 7ilo ilyoum. Red is so your color! Hahahahahahaha"
Lol, isn't he just a sweet heart?
"Hehe, i3yoonik il 7ilwa, ma ga9art.. Oo inta.. La bas.. Hahah..." -I was lying. He was drop-dead-gorgeous.

"Affa. Ana la bas? Mashi mashi.. Hahaha.. 3al 3imoom.. Akhaleech al7een. Waray dawam" He muttered.
"Hehe.. Have fun?"
"Ee.. 7ada. Woohoo!" Sarcasm filled the phone so much that I couldn't help but laugh.
"Yala bye" He said.
"Bye" And just as he closed the phone, I kissed mine. The biggest kiss a phone deserved. Pathetic eh? Haha.
Or atleast.. I thought he closed the phone!
"Hahahahahahahaha... Whhhhaaaat was thaaat!? Hal bosa 7agi wila 7ag il mobile? Hahahahahaha" -M7amad.
"Emm.. Hehe.. El mobile!!" I blushed as I said this..
"Ee zain zain. Lucky mobile.. Hahaha Bye now, click.." -M7amad

Lol! M7amad made a click sound! Lol! Hahaha :P

"M7amad, I know you're still there." I laughed..
"Hahahaha 7asaafa! Kint mitmani asma3 bosa thani. Ah well, I tried. Hahaha"
"Ma3a il salama!"
Then, I made sure I ended the call!..

Mwaaaah ;************* -I kissed my phone again.


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